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7 Stunning Twitter Apps For iPad

With an iPad you have a problem of plenty when you want to go for Apps and the Twitter client category is no different with plenty of good apps, the best way to choose the App that best suits you depends on the way you use Twitter, Here are 7 best twitter apps for your iPad to choose from.

Osfoora HD

Osfoora HD for iPad is a blazing fast and clean twitter client for your iPad. Provides elegant and easy access to all of Twitter’s functionalities. Osfoora HD has all the features of Osfoora for iPhone and more. With a gorgeous user interface, multiple account support, optional full landscape mode, text expander, boxcar support, twitter lists, nearby tweets, and the ability to tweet songs. Using twitter becomes whole lot of fun.

Now a universal app for both iPad & iPhone, Twitterrific a Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at easy to use and full of elegant features. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, search, filter message types and much more. With exciting features like Unified display for replies, re-tweets, direct messages, mentions,Filter timeline for specific tweet types & trends, link shortening, email & tweet translation & more. With the Pro version you get to manage additional Twitter accounts, Remove advertising from the timeline.

Echofon Pro

Echofon Pro works both iPhone and iPad! Echofon is an easy to use, super-fast Twitter app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This pro version works on iPad too!

It is easy to do common Twitter tasks such as viewing your timeline, messages, replies, lists and favorites. Echofon has a powerful tweet-authoring where you can write tweets, take photos/videos and update your current location. When another Echofon user (iPhone or desktop) sends you a Direct Message or @reply, you can be notified instantly via push notification. Get your friends to use Echofon and you can send Twitter messages instead of SMS! You also can receive push notifications from users of other Twitter apps with the pro version.

TweetDeck for iPad

TweetDeck is a classy Twitter client and is the best way to stay in touch with what’s happening now on Twitter for your iPad. TweetDeck’s iPad optimized interface shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date wherever you are.


Twitepad is an iPad Twitter client that supports multiple user accounts and multiple columns on your screen.
Your iPad screen will be divided by your Twitter columns and by your webbrowser.

If you want to quickly open a few links from your Twitter friends have sent you, just tap at the links one by one, they will all be opened in a thumb view first and you can view the full website, when you just tap on the preview – no further loading is needed. The integrated web browser make this one a must try app.

This is the fastest way you ever read through your Twitter news.

Twitter for iPad

With Twitter's official iPad App you get a simple neat App with decent features. Realtime search, Top Tweets, trending topics and maps show whats happening now everywhere and nearby. Tweet, send DMs, share photos, videos and links to your friends and the world.

TweetTime for iPad

TweetTime is a power packed Twitter client with some really useful features like Uploading photos from your photo library, Uploading your location with Google Map, Built-in web browser to view web links, Built-in URL shortening, Saving draft of the tweet if you cancel composing tweet. And you can continue to compose it continuously when you re-composing tweet, Geotagging Support. You can post geotagged tweets & a lots more.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 Cool News Apps for Android and iPad

For those who love getting all the news they like on a platter, the first generation RSS(really simple syndication) aggregators was a good bet. There was the entire gamut of RSS readers , be it desktop-based or web based that looked the same. While they were functional, they were not cool. They were bland and boring. But thanks to the iPad and the smartphone wave that shows no signs of abating, a new generation of free news and magazine apps have hit the online market. Here are three apps that make the cut from the iPad and the Android universe.


One of the big favorites is pulse, an App developed by two Indian students from Stanford University. Their big moment of fame came at an Apple event last year when Steve Jobs, while explaining the functionalities of the iPad, spoke about the "Wonderful RSS reader". And before they knew it, Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta, saw their App spiral to the top of the iTunes chart as one of the most preferred news aggregators. There was more good news for their company, as they raised over U.S $80,000 through venture capital and moved to their own office in Palo Alto, the buzz town of Silicon Valley.

Pulse has an exciting new design that makes RSS syndication more visual and more fun. And what's more interesting is they have made it easier to gather news links that circulate on your Facebook and Twitter networks. On Pulse, users can Choose up to 60 news sources, ranging from top notches such as CNN, Wall Street Journal and New Yorker to slightly unorthodox sources such as top blogs , including Engadget, TechCrunch and Huffington Post, and get them served on movable tiles. It is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.


Another App that closely resembles Pulse but is available at this point just for the iPad is Flud. It is pretty much similar to the Pulse news App, save one difference. It aggregates stories based on categories rather than news sources. Otherwise, the tiling and the "feel" of the App is pretty much similar to the Pulse. Readers get to choose from various sources and individual articles open in panes. Aesthetically pleasing, Flud is another App that makes news consumption a joy.


The Flipboard focuses more on a personalized social magazine, drawing from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and creating a mash of recommended links and articles. The design is pretty modern as users sign into a slideshow of all the various news sources that are active on their networks. From there on, they visually scan the stories and click and pick the articles they want to read. There are also seamless integrations of friends' feeds from Facebook. If you consider what your friends do as "news" meant for consumption and don't mind the intrusion, then the flipboard is pretty handy to have.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

8 Of The Best Firefox Extensions For Twitter

Chances are good you have a Twitter account and chances are even better that you use the Firefox browser and if the answer is yes then here are some of the best Firefox Twitter Extensions to do it all in your browser with ease.


TwitterBar is a simple extension that allows you to post to Twitter from Firefox’s address bar. A small Twitter icon is to the right of the address bar; clicking on it will publish your tweet, and you can place your mouse over it to see how many characters you have to work with.


Echofon is a really cool extension. It will display updates in a calendar, access to multiple Twitter accounts, get the number of unread in the status bar of Firefox, manage all your tasks such as direct messaging and of course you synchronize it with the iPhone app.

3.Tweetbeat Firsthand

Tweetbeat Firsthand automatically brings you recent Twitter-updates from people mentioned in the context of the web page you’re looking at. Just mouse-over the little blue icons inserted next to names to see firsthand updates.

4.Power Twitter

As the name suggests it is a Powerful Twitter extension that lets you share pictures on Twitter via TwitPic. You can also view the original link hidden behind a short URL(as you get to see in the web client), search for a specific user or update your Facebook status.


Twitbin is a comprehensive firefox extension that allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser's sidebar. Send messages, receive messages, share links, and lots more.


Twitzer is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on It also resolves short URL links to original links.

7.TwitrPix Express

This is a really handy extension it lets you share any photo from any website on Twitter by right-clicking on the photo and clicking “Share photo on Twitter using TwitrPix” — while you browse and without having to leave the site you are on.


This one is for all your social networks not just twitter and instant messaging into one application. Get all the updates, update your status and share them through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and lots more.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Fascinating Facts About Microsoft & Apple

Microsoft and Apple the Tech Titans have some fascinating facts in their history, here are a few.

1.The first Operation System Microsoft coded was Xenix, which was a version of UNIX under a different name. But it was MS-DOS made for IBM PCs that gave it a foothold in the software market.

2.Bill Gates wrote a class scheduling program for his school. He tweaked the program’s code so that he was placed in classes with mostly female students.

3.Microsoft fashioned the use of code names for under-development software and systems. For instance, Windows 7 was ‘Vienna’. Wikipedia has a complete list.

4.Did you know that you can’t create a folder named ‘con’ in Windows?

5.The name of Microsoft's search engine ‘Bing’ has its origins in Bingo. Just like the game, it was meant to suggest that something looked for has been found or realized. ‘Bang’ was also proposed because it was memorable, short, and easy to spell. Finally, Bing was chosen for the same reasons.

6.Ironically, Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit is one of the largest developers of Macintosh software outside of Apple Inc. Also, Microsoft Office for Mac was introduced for Macintosh in 1989, a year before Office was released for Windows.

7.Fortune magazine named Apple as the most admired company in the United States in 2008; and in the world in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

8.The original Apple logo had Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. It was replaced by the one we are more familiar with. To differentiate the silhouette of the apple from a cherry, the ‘bite’ was put in.

9.‘Macintosh’ is in fact a variety of apple. It also was the first commercially successful personal computer that resembles the ones we use today. It was the first ones to have a graphical user interfaces (GUI) and mouse instead of command line interfaces.

10.The flag bearer for Apple Inc, the Macintosh, wasn’t the brainchild of the two Steve’s. Jef Raskin an expert in human-computer interaction started and inspired the Apple Macintosh line. He also coined the name.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

6 Must Have Android Apps For Bloggers

If you are a blogger owning a smartphone powered by Android, your options are plenty for Mobile blogging without any compromise on quality of the content or presentation of the post and not just that you do it all on the go without your notebook, with the Apps that you get these days one can do it all from planning a post, designing the image to checking the analytics for the post once it is published, here are 6 apps that you should have in your Android phone if you are a blogger.

WordPress is a gem of an application for Android which will allows you to edit post, add images, publish it and even easy to manage comments too. With latest version you can easily add pages and media to your post to make it more useful and you will receive comment notifications as well. It’s a must have application for bloggers.

Images are always an integral part of any blog post and what better than Photoshop to make it 'picture perfect'? Photoshop app will provide you all the features to edit your image and you can add them in your blog post. You can easily crop, rotate, color correct, add different texture and effects to your images and upload it online.

Blogaway is useful for those who use Blogger. It provides you features like multiple account support, tags and labels, interlinks, managing drafts. You can even add images from Picasa and videos from YouTube. The new beta version is providing you WordPress option as well. If you are Blogger user, it’s well worth trying it out.

Quickpedia is an easy to use app that lets you search through Wikipedia pages and do some quick research on the topic of your choosing and can prove very handy for quick search on your topic and get all the vital informations in no time.

Evernote is in a sense mandatory for all bloggers, on your notebook or mobile phone. We get ideas everywhere and thus it’s vital that as soon as any idea knocks you can note it down, and what better than Evernote to do it? Evernote gives us options to save text, snaps, voice memos and lots more.

Google Analytics:
Google Analytics is awesome application for those who want to keep track of their Google Analytics data on the go. You can check out the summary of your blog. It provides you features like Date range comparison, custom reports, reports via geolocation, regex enabled searches and lots more.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Top 10 Facebook Status Trends Of 2010 [STATS]

Yes it’s that time of the year, time for us to look back at the hot topics of the year that were shared on the biggest social network on the planet, Facebook. Every year has its fair share of dramatic happenings and incidents of diversified kinds, and also some Personalities, Movies, Gadgets become the focus point of the discussion and become the buzz, so let’s look back at the top 10 topics that were shared the most this year and find out if your favourite topic of discussion made it to the list or not =).

1. HMU

The acronym for "hit me up" was this year's biggest surprise. In early 2009, the acronym HMU was virtually unheard of. Only a few posts a day contained HMU, and half of them were probably typos. By May, however, it started to grow slowly and was averaging about 20 posts a day. The volume roughly doubled every month, and by the end of 2009 it had risen to 1,600 posts a day—too modest of a number to be on our radar for last year's list.

However, HMU continued to grow aggressively throughout 2010, increasing by about 75 percent each month. By the end of summer, HMU reached 80,000 mentions per day.

2. World Cup

The World Cup was simply the biggest sporting event in 2010, and because of the global presence of Facebook people took to the virtual streets to cheer on their teams and boo their rivals. The start of the games and the finals garnered the most attention, with 1.5 million and 1.3 million mentions, respectively, of "World Cup" and countless more mentions of teams and players. At key moments over the course of the games, as many as 50 percent of all status updates were related to them.

3. Movies

As with last year's list, big movies were much talked about. "Toy Story 3," "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," "Inception," "Alice in Wonderland" and "Iron Man 2" were the five most discussed (in that order).

Naturally, the people updating their status to report on the movie via their mobile phones were able to do so as soon as it ended, while the people reporting on their computers had to get home first. The difference in the spikes between mobile and web gives us an approximation of how long it takes people to get out of the theater, go home and fire up Facebook—about half an hour.

4. iPad and iPhone 4

In May, Apple surpassed long-time rival Microsoft in market capitalization, thanks in large part to two of the most discussed products of the year: the iPad and iPhone 4. These two products combined to account for over 25 million bragging or the occasional condemning posts during the year.

5. Haiti

The impact of the Jan. 12 earthquake was widely felt through status updates. Even though most people were far away, they shared the shock, concern and news both among their friends and to the world. One Boston woman was trapped with a group of 36 fellow travelers in Haiti and took to updating her status to find out from her friends what was happening and to let families know the group was safe.

Within one minute of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake's strike, status updates started rolling in. With the infrastructure in Haiti badly damaged, many of the first reports were from people in the nearby Dominican Republic (where earthquake is "terremoto"), who felt the powerful quake at a distance. Firsthand reports peaked four minutes after the quake hit, at a rate of 120 a minute. It took another couple of hours for the world to learn of the disaster, and a day later people on Facebook were discussing it at a peak rate of 1,800 posts per minute.

6. Justin Bieber

Bieber Fever struck before 2010, but by all accounts this was a standout year for the 15-year-old pop music star. The surge in mentions continued to grow throughout the year, largely following the rise in his career. He started 2010 with the release in January of his biggest hit, "Baby." His Sept. 12 debut on the MTV Video Music Awards attracted the most mentions of him.

7. Games on Facebook

Games are popular applications on Facebook, and references appeared throughout this year's list. The biggest trending phrase was "barn raising." No, there wasn't a mass exodus from cities to the country life among people on Facebook. Instead, they were recruiting their friends to virtual versions of the old-time tradition of a community event to build a new barn. This started when FarmVille launched a barn-raising feature in January. FrontierVille, launched in June, also grew in mentions.

8. Mineros/Miners

The story of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days captivated the world. People globally watched the truly inspiring story unfold as they were rescued one by one after an unimaginable time underground.

The first one occurred exclusively in Chile in August, when the mine first collapsed and contact with the miners was lost. A week later, the miners were miraculously found alive and the rest of the world started to talk about them a little bit, but the story was still predominantly in Chile. Over the course of the next 60 days, the world watched the trials and tribulations as workers above ground scrambled to drill rescue shafts. When the ordeal finally ended, millions of people posted about it.

9. Airplanes

Using the word "airplanes" is nothing new or noteworthy—most years. But in 2010, it burst onto the scene in status messages thanks to the catchy lyrics of the international hit song "Airplanes." A deeper look showed that people were specifically quoting the following line, often times to share a personal wish and sometimes when they were traveling.

10. 2011

Similar to last year, people talked frequently about years in their status updates. People are looking forward to big personal events in the coming year—perhaps a wedding or an expectant child. References to 2011 showed a big spike on Jan. 1, 2010, as people took the new year as an opportunity to look ahead another full year. As the date approaches, mentions have steadily increased, as people make more and more plans for the coming year.

Source: Facebook

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